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Raven Makes Gallery

Native American & First Nations Artwork and Jewelry

Artists with Disabilities

(This graphite work was done by one of the artists we represent in our not-for-profit section of our gallery.)

Native Americans with disabilities have a section of our gallery dedicated for them. Their works have a different pricing plan—for pieces that are priced under $1000, 95% or more of the cost has already gone to the artist. We don’t do consignment.

We define artists with disabilities as those born with a significant handicapping condition—autism, an intellectual impairment (retardation), deafness, blindness, or a severe physical handicap.

These artists do not live independently.   They lack the ability to promote their works and might have given up producing artwork altogether, due to a lack of materials or encouragement.   By providing those things—basic materials, straight forward encouragement, and then following up and acquiring some of their better efforts—over half have responded and began producing works on a regular basis. As would be expected, their confidence, self-esteem, and artwork quality has steadily increased.

We do this because we were special education teachers in public schools, both on the Navajo Nation and during our years prior to arriving on the Navajo Reservation.  We learned early on that a few kids, with intensive disabilities, were quite talented artists.  Upon deciding to start the art gallery, we located some of our former students (now graduated) to see if they would be interested in being represented by us. They were! We continue to look for artists with disabilities from other American Indian homelands/ reservations with whom we could work in this capacity.

Please note: Two social service programs offer, as part of their overall residential facility services— a stocked studio, vocational training, and art gallery for adult artists with the disabilities previously mentioned. Proviso: not all their artists are Native American.  We recommend their galleries for truly outstanding artwork.

Hozhoni Gallery & Studio, Flagstaff, AZ

Suzie Cappa Art Center, Rapid City, SD