Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, 1827 Sandwich Islands (Hawaii) Map, Brook Kapūkuniahi Parker, Kānaka maoli/ʻōiwi

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Ko Hawaii Pae Aina

  • 20" x 23" Map

1827 Sandwich Islands (Hawaii) Map

Brook Kapūkuniahi Parker, Kānaka maoli/ʻōiwi

Note: Western World's Initial name of the islands with iconic images of the birthplace of surfing, honoring the greatest sailors/navigators on the planet, Hawaiian Royalty, Religious guidance through the Kahuna Nui, and Family aumakua or guardian spirits depicted through the Pueo (owl) and Mano (tiger shark).

Map Origin: Philippe Vandermaelen, Atlas Universel de Geographie Physique, Politique, Statistique et Mineralogique, Brussels

The map includes notes in French on the the Islands, plus details of Cook's tracks through the islands and early place names. The largest representation of Hawaii to appear in a commercial atlas during the 1800's, and the only post-Rigobert Bonne depiction of Hawaii on a separate map for the first 50 years after its "discovery" by the Western World.

Map is placed in archival quality black mat.