Raven Makes Gallery

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  • Sun and Moon

    • Eclipse Basket, by Elsie Holiday
    August 21st in Sisters, Oregon
    The time is finally at hand, moon passes before sun, day shades toward night, an eternal cycle momentarily unhinged, and all across the fleeting path of totality, a never forgotten stillness ephemerally descends, then lifts. Did human societies long ago know of and anticipate this moment like we do today? What did they know, that we might have forgotten, about the cosmic order of our universe?  Do animals sense that it is coming or are they simply caught unaware?
    Raven Makes Gallery is in the zone of totality, 31 sublime seconds of it.  We’ll be closed during that hour, but for the days before and after, we’ll offer extended hours along with our neighboring businesses on this corner of East Hood Avenue—Melvin’s Market (natural/ health food grocery), Nature’s Bling (rock and fossil gallery), and EuroSports (bike rentals, food court, beer garden). 
    As it was said in that most famous of children’s book … Let the wild rumpus start!  Minus any fireworks, please, and perhaps, after respecting the stillness and obscurity of light for this rare celestial event.  
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