Please note: Option for online ordering will be temporarily disabled as we travel to meet artists and acquire new art and jewelry, Jan. 16 - March 9.

Raven Makes Gallery

Native American & First Nations Artwork and Jewelry

  • A New Season at Raven Makes Gallery

    Spring certainly must be around the corner, as the last of the epic snow piles have melted, and the unique flowers of this part of Central Oregon are bravely showing their colors. Hood Avenue's Art Stroll brought many art patrons out and about to kick off our street's spring and summer season.  Sisters Arts Association met to continue the important responsibilities and commitments to support and enrich the Arts in Sisters throughout all the seasons.

    Having our first artist exhibition at Raven Makes Gallery was a refreshing learning experience, and sculptor Cliff Fragua and musician JJ Otero gave us valuable insights and practical advice concerning the special niche of American Indian art we've brought to Oregon.  

    As the only brick and mortar gallery in Oregon offering American Indian and Canadian First Nations artwork, we appreciate the wise council, gentle humor and critical eye these artists provided us.  We are committed to striking the balance of an online gallery and showing artwork and jewelry in a physical setting where it can be touched, pondered and acquired face to face, with the artist present when possible!  

    As we said so long with a bit of a heavy heart to Cliff and JJ, we were reminded in the best of ways of our deep connections to the Southwest and the people we've come to respect and represent in our unique gallery.  It's in the works to bring them both back next year!

    Thanks for supporting our artistic and Native American cultural communities, and Happy Spring!


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